Hard Money Lenders in Dallas, TX can be hard to find and an experienced lender, harder still. Texas Equity Lending is a Texas direct hard money lender (not a broker) with decades of equity based lending experience. We specialize in financing for individuals and companies in whose needs are not fully met by traditional bank loans. Loan approvals have emphasis on EQUITY, not credit and income documentation. We have very quick response times and most conditional loan approvals are issued within 24 hours of loan submission. Contact us first for Hard Money Loans in Dallas.

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Texas Equity Lending is a direct private money lender specializing in short term and long term loans for equity based real estate transactions in Dallas, Texas.

Texas Hard Money (Texas Equity Lending) has been financing Dallas’s real estate investors, business owners, developers, etc. for decades. We understand private money lending and its specific problems and needs. Great Central Mortgage focuses on borrowing alternatives for companies and individuals unable to qualify for normal bank financing. We’re a hard money lender that can find loans for those clients looking for quicker or more personalized considerations than their banks can provide.

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