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Lending Area, Property Types and Basic Guidelines for
Commercial and Investment Real Estate (non-rehab/flip)


Lending Area: TEXAS ONLY
Property Types: Commercial and Investment Only (Including raw land)

** Borrowers must have separate established Texas Homestead exemption.  All loans are for business purpose only.


If you don't see a property type listed above, call and ask.

GCMAC does NOT make 1-4 unit owner occupied loans.

Transaction Types: Purchase or Refinance (1st lien position ONLY).
 Terms: Short term interest only or longer term balloons (see rate sheet).
Credit Score: No minimum credit score requirement.
Documentation: Stated Income / Stated Assets.

Loan Amount:


Minimum $75,000 ($50,000 in San Antonio).

Maximum $1,000,000 (possibly higher on exception basis with lower LTV).

Loan-to-Value: Up to 65% LTV based on LESSER of purchase price or quick sale value. **Seller held 2nds/Cross Collateralization Allowed.